Concept II Rower

Asking $500 SOLD for Full Asking Price

Model C, Mint Condition

I can almost guarantee you won't find a used Concept II rower in better condition than this one. I bought this brand new in the late '90s, and it's seen very little use. I am a computer geek at heart, and at the end of the day, I'd rather sit and design web sites than work up a sweat. The result? Pristine equipment like this that I must offer as used, but its meticulously well-maintained condition suggests otherwise. The track (gliding seat rail) has been kept spotless, and still has a silky smooth gliding action that you just won't find on a heavily used unit. The chain has been kept properly lubricated, and the rowing action is as clean as the day it was first delivered to my house.

This is an excellent piece of equipment designed to last for many, many years. It's the same model you've probably seen in health clubs, and it's designed to take a lot of abuse from the public. This model has seen no such abuse, as I am the only one who's ever used it.

The PM2 monitor measures average pace, meters, calories, watts, stroke rate, output per stroke, pace per 500 meters, etc. Can be used in conjunction with a Polar Heart Rate Monitor, available from Concept II.

Includes Model C rower with electronic Performance Monitor (PM2), Bottle of chain oil, User Manual, Daily Rowing Log (unused), world performance ranking list, and all original paperwork and printed materials.

Note: This is NOT the newer e-Row model with the computer interface.

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