About Us

We're too busy to wear stuff out!

My wife and I are busy with work, kids, church, hobbies, and everything else, so we just don't have time to really use and wear out our stuff. That's why we've always felt (and been told) that our used items were in much better condition than the average items on the market.

The problem is, when it comes time to advertise our good used stuff, eBay is not a good fit when we can't ship it. Another convenient options is a free advertising site called CraigsList.com, but I feel the audience is probably still too limited. The next best bet is probably a classified ad in the Statesman, but it's next to impossible to include sufficient detail to really sell the product. That's when I realized that if I just include the basics, plus add a website address, I can put all the nice pictures and descriptive details on the web site. I realize that, even in 2006, most people reading the classifieds won't look up the web site, but for the few that do, I want to be able to add value.

This site is just an experiment, and mostly intended for our own private items that we want to sell. However, I can imagine that friends and family may eventually want help selling something, and if it's in good enough shape, I'd love to help them out. So please bookmark this page and check it from time to time. I'll be trying to think of ways to add some dynamic content to make it worth visiting even when we don't have a high product turnover.

We appreciate your interest, and look forward to selling you some good, used Boise Gear!