ParaBody EX350 Weight Machine

Asking $400 SOLD for Full Asking Price

Uncomplicated Workouts

No adjustments. No cables changes. No rubberbands. No hassles. It's easy to get a thorough, effective workout with the ParaBody EX350. It's also easy to fit a complete workout into your schedule—30 minutes is all it takes. The EX350 allows you to move through its wide variety of exercises quickly and conveniently.

I bought this system as a convenient way to do physical therapy after back surgery in 1992. I chose it because of the ease with which I could work different muscle groups just my moving from one station to another, just like at the gym. I was also attracted by the excellent quality—the powder-coated finish is much more durable than ordinary paint, and it looks justs as fresh and clean as the day they set it up in my basement. Here are some specs from the brochure:


Frame: 2"x2" 12-gauge, finished steel tubing

Finish: baked-on, glossy, white powder-coat paint

Cables: 2000-pound tensile-strength aircraft cable with grade 12 nylon coating

Pulleys: 4 1/2" black pulleys with sealed steel ball bearings

Weight Stack: 205-pound, precision cast-iron with 20 ten-pound plates, a 5-pound head plate, and individual nylon bushings for quiet and smooth operation (226 pounds of total bench press resistance)

Dimensions: Floor space: 3'2"x5'6" (with pec dec); height: 6'11"

Upholstery: Deluxe upholstery finished with hidem welt

Standard Accessories: Abdominal/tricep strap, ankle strap, revolving chrome short bar, lat bar, and exercise wall chart


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