Solid Oak Dining Table - Sold!

Asking $400

This solid oak table was in my wife's family for many decades. Her grandfather accepted it in partial trade for a used car back in the late 1920's, and it may have been used at the time, so its age is estimated to be at least 80 years.

It has a unique design with two built-in 18" retractable leaves. There are no latches to wrestle with, and no loose pieces to muscle out and store when not in use. The leaves simply pull out from the end of the table, much like a drawer, and a clever mechanism allows them to lock into position flush with the rest of the table top. To close it back up, simply lift the leaf, pull out a little further, drop and push back into position under the main table surface.

We bought a new table for the dining room, and sadly, we have no room to keep this beautiful piece. Buyer will need a pickup or other large truck, since the table does not easily disassemble for transportation.


Please see all of the pictures below. To make an offer or ask questions, please e-mail us at



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