Custom Home Office Desk

Asking $200 $100 or Best Offer

When I wanted a nice home office workstation for my computer, all the commercial units were just too complex, too expensive, or had too much stuff I didn't want. I was looking for an efficient work surface with a wrap-around corner sturdy enough for a large CRT montor, but that would be equally functional along a straight wall if I didn't want to actually fill up a corner.

I found a used office furniture dealer in Boise who not only reconditions used commercial office furniture, but also custom builds individual surface pieces to meet unique needs. So, I drew up details specs describing exactly what I wanted, and they built this for me for around $700. I used it happily in my home office for several years, and eventually replaced it when we realized we wanted a complete set of matching office furniture for the four of us that use the office. So, this fine custom piece is now available to a good home.

Here are the specs:

  • Made of 1 1/8" thick MDF for the top worksurfaces, and 1" MDF for the base (legs).
  • Top surface is laminated with a faux-granite finish (Wilsonart, I believe), and the legs are laminated in black.
  • Work surface trimmed with black vinyl T-moulding
  • Pencil drawer is plastic on ball-bearing metal glides
  • 3-drawer stack is black painted steel
  • All wood surfaces are held together with sturdy screws and steel plates for easy disassembly--unit breaks down to individual flat pieces (steel drawers are the largest individual unit)
  • Assembled unit, as shown below, is a two-piece work surface supported by the drawer stack and 2 or 3 legs (third leg is supplied, but I have not used it).


Please see all of the pictures below. To make an offer or ask questions, please e-mail us at


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